New to APC?

Throughout the year we always have newcomers at our church. Many members are here for a long time, others come just for a couple of years. If you are new, be sure to join us for coffee and cookies after the service. Our Pastors have a special desire to meet visitors and they would love to meet you at the Newcomer’s Table.  

Worship services: Our worship services are held each Sunday at 10.00 am. They alternate in style, from traditional (with our APC Choir) to African inspired with our Gospel Ambassadors! Each of the services are a little different each week, but always welcoming, and always placing Christ at the center of our worship.

Whom to ask: If there are questions arising, just contact one of the ushers and greeters at the church entrance during worship services, call our church office at 0228-374193 or send us an e-mail at

Of course our pastoral staff will answer questions as well, short first time contacts are always possible after the Sunday service.

Language: Our congregation is international, with about 25 nations serving here. Our common language is English. But do not hesitate to join us if your English is not perfect, there are many languages spoken on our grounds.

Denomination: We are a Protestant church in style, but we welcome all denominations, no matter what your Christian background is. 

Our name: We are the American Protestant Church–but not all of us are Americans! Our name has historical reasons, because the US government built this church and the US Embassy was in charge for over 45 years, till the German government moved to Berlin in 1999. But we are and have always been very international!